I Have Lost 50 lbs

I am down 16 inches & 50 lbs I have dropped 6 sizes!! Lincoln and Omaha Hypnosis Centers have helped me tremendously… Lisa Schmidt

Losing Weight Real Results

I felt hopeless and unable to control my weight.  Over the past weeks, I have noticed my clothes are fitting better… Charlene R

Stopped Smoking

It is so good to be smoke-free. Jeff has been very good…  Robert Crisler 

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Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Not Able to Lose Weight in Your Diet Plan?  Now You Can.

Jeff & Devan Martin Certified Hypnotist for Omaha & Lincoln Hypnosis Centers

Jeff & Devan Martin Board Certified Hypnotist

You know that most diet programs do not work, but hypnosis for weight loss does work. The reason is other diet plans never deal with the root cause of why you overeat and the bad habits you have formed over the years concerning what and how you eat.

Most diets are the same,  there is not much difference between the various plans. These diet programs are just repackaged with new labels and the same regiment of diet instructions and promises.

We all know they just don’t last. Everyone understands the need to eat less and exercise, nothing new here, but what’s not addressed is the one key factor to losing weight and that is to retrain the mind about food choices and exercise. The path to a trim new body is going to be met with temptations full of tasty desserts and entrees that you shouldn’t eat. Temptations and cravings drive your appetite as well as the will to exercise which is a constant struggle.

Our program has solved this problem and it is one of the major keys to success. Hypnosis takes a whole new approach and you find yourself winning the weight loss battle. Our diet program provides the changes in how your mind’s thought process, changing the way you approach dieting.

Call today for a free hypnosis screening. This is where hypnotism will help you lose weight and keep you on your journey to losing those extra pounds. The biggest problem with all these diet techniques and recipes is that you really, really want to lose the weight but your ability to have that mind change, that point where it is no longer just something you really want but it becomes a deep desire, even a sense of pleasure to do the things necessary to overcome your nemesis craving food.

How Hypnosis Helps to Lose Weight and Learn How to Manage Stress

Changing your thought process you can overcome any situation.

Hypnotherapy has proven with 1000’s of our clients to be safe and effective, without drugs, patches or extended long sessions.

Join our program now and take the weight loss hypnosis challenge, find the cravings are gone and the desire to eat the right things comes naturally.  This is the mental shift that hypnosis gives you.

Special Hypnosis offerCome in for Your Hypnosis Screening and a Full Weight Loss Session

This Limited Time Special Offer is Only $77.00 use Code A-1


Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Many struggles with trying to quit smoking. At Omaha Hypnosis Center Jeff has seen many people who have successfully been able to stop smoking with our hypnosis program in only a few sessions and even on those rare occasions there have been those who stop in just one session.

This is not the norm but it is proof and demonstrates that the use of hypnosis to stop smoking is a huge factor in many peoples experience with smoking cessation.*

Stress Relief Hypnosis

 Get Relief from the Stress of Life with Hypnosis

Having the ability to overcome stress and react to stressful situation correctly for many ends in failure.

Our stress relief program for Omaha program has proven to be an effective ally to help people find stress relief with those stressful thoughts and reactions to events that make you anxious.

Come an get your Free Hypnosis screening and see how hypnosis can help you reduce and manage the stress in your life and even help you stop smoking, lose weight and be more confident and enjoy life better.  Get started with stress relief hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy can change how you approach dieting plus strengthen the belief in yourself?

Hypnosis can bring you to a place where when you get up in the morning you are eager to face the day enjoying all those things that are helping you to enjoy your life now, the internal desire is gone to binge, but now you can stay in control of those urges.

With our program hypnosis for weight loss in Omaha, you will be free from those box lunches, you will love drinking more water and you will enjoy your exercise routine. Don’t hesitate to get started. You are going to have a new Belief, Attitude and what you Value and it’s effect on your behavior for helping you change and become positive.

Hypnosis has helped many with the inner person to feel the power to overcome obstacles that used to be in the way that you are in control of your life. Now your life has a purpose and meaning those obstacles are gone from your life.

You are beginning to see and feel the results and those around you are saying, “Wow! You are looking good!”

Your focused, you have a new confidence and nothing can stand in your way. Hypnosis has become a path to better health, better relationships and a better you. You can reach your weight loss goals or with any other challenges you face.  So come in and lose weight with our hypnosis program.

Where can you get help to overcome my life struggles in Omaha?

Jeff Martin CH NLP Master and Devan Martin CHT of Omaha Hypnosis Center have offices in both Lincoln and Omaha Nebraska reaching out to include Council Bluffs IA.      At our Omaha location, we offer a free hypnosis screening for weight loss, smoke cessation, stress relief, sports enhancement and more.

Special Hypnosis offerCome in for Your Hypnosis Screening and a Full Weight Loss Session

This Limited Time Special Offer is Only $77.00 use Code A-1


Why Omaha Hypnosis Center?

Jeff and Devan Martin have a combined experience of over 40 years in helping people with hypnosis. We have helped thousands of people change their lives.

It has been proven for any program to be more effective you need to have a good support system and a confident staff.

Not only do they have solid programs as mentioned about but have helped many facing long-standing fears.  The fear of flying, the fear of public speaking, helping with sleep problems.

These and many more issue can be addressed with hypnotherapy. By means of hypnosis, you can get ideal results while using less work to accomplish your goals.

Schedule a free hypnosis screening by calling us or fill out the form and we will contact you.

*individual results may vary
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Testimonials on How Hypnosis Works for Losing Weight and Quitting Smoking with Hypnosis

(*individual results may vary)

Hypnosis Comparison Study In 1970, Alfred A. Barrios, Ph.D. conducted a survey of scientific literature to compare recovery rates for various modalities of therapy: