Using Hypnosis it a great way to lose weight that will have a lasting effect. 

Keep your weight loss goals on track

If you are wanting to lose those extra pounds and keep them off then the use of hypnotherapy added to your weight loss plan is what you need.  A balanced diet and life style is what is going to keep you slim but with a session with us at Omaha Hypnosis Center you will learn how hypnosis will get you on the path and keep  you there much easier.  You are going to find that with these life changing sessions you desire and ability to focus and stay with your weight loss goals will be much easier.

Oprah ran an article in her magazine on hypnosis and it benefits on losing weight.

Close your eyes. Imagine your food cravings floating away. Imagine a day of eating only what’s good for you. Imagine hypnosis actually helping you lose weight—because the news is: It does. Harvard Medical School psychotherapist Jean Fain gives you ten hypnotic suggestions to try right now.

When I tell people how I make much of my living—as a psychotherapist hypnotizing people slim—they inevitably ask: Does it work? My answer usually brightens their eyes with something between excitement and incredulity.Most people, including my colleagues at Harvard Medical School, where I teach hypnosis, don’t realize that adding trance to your weight loss efforts can help you lose more weight and keep it off longer.

Hypnosis predates carb and calorie counting by a few centuries, but this age-old attention-focusing technique has yet to be embraced wholeheartedly as an effective weight loss strategy.

To summarize the ten ways hypnosis will help you lose weight and keep it off

  1. The answer lies within:  This belief is that everyone has the ability within you to overcome your weight loss battle. It is well known that we only use a small percentage of our mind in our daily lives.  We have developed patterns and beliefs within our subconscious mind that cause us to make many decisions.    Hypnosis allows us to help rewire the mental paths and re-channel them to good and healthy choices no longer dictated by the ruts of bad learned behavior.
  2. Believing is seeing: In weight loss the victory is achieved once we feel that the goal is something that we can achieve.  Hypnosis helps you get a clear vision of you successfully reaching that goal.
  3. Accentuate the Positive: Hypnotic suggestion is to help you develop your own mantra to regularly affirm that the things that are good and bad for your body.  “For my body, too much food is damaging. I need my body to live. I owe my body respect and protection.” I encourage clients to write their own upbeat mantras. One 50-year-old mother who lost 50-plus pounds repeats daily: “Unnecessary food is a burden on my body. I’m going to shed what I don’t need.”
  4. Unlock the power of your imagination:  Have you ever watched the Olympics and see the athletes closing their eyes and going through the motions of their event.  Why are they doing this?  This mental preparation for when the event starts there is no time to make a decision it has to be a learned reaction, a pattern built up in their minds as to what to do.  When to take that turn, how to lean the body.  Every athlete will tell you that without that mental preparation there would no chance for victory.  This is how hypnosis helps you to lose weight by visualizing your goals and reactions to events that will try to knock you off course.
  5. Send food cravings flying:  As hypnotist to help you reach your goals we show you how to develop mental imagery that will help you send those tempting images out of your mind.  When you see a commercial about food, what do you want to do?  EAT!  So you need to fend off those feeling with counter images that you can identify with.   Like an airplane taking off at an airport, taking away those harmful food thoughts.
  6. Two are better than one:  To have the most successful diet program you need a combination of hypnosis and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).  At Omaha Hypnosis Center  you will learn how these two methods will give you lasting weight loss.
  7. Modify and Replace: Learn how to take the excessive and exchange it for some that is beneficial.  It’s all about reprogramming, modifying behavior from things that are harmful to your goals with things that are beneficial or replace the need  or want of that desire.
  8. Like it or not it’s survival of the fittest :  But hypnosis can be the turning point that will give you the edge.  Come in for our Free Screening and see if our weight loss program will work for you.
  9. Practice makes Perfect:  We at Omaha Hypnosis Center will help you discover the perfect way for you.
  10. Congrats – It’s a Relapse:  We offer a written service guarantee that if for any reason you feel that you are struggling we will take care of you and help you stay with the program.

Learning to relax and lose weight even removes the stress that causes you to have weight gain around the belly.  [svpVideo v=1]

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