How This 55-Year-Old Woman Lost 280 Pounds Through Hypnosis

This is another article showing that hypnosis does work.  There are always going to be skeptics and naysayers but it’s the bold and determined that reach their goals.  Not listening to all the negative opinions around you is one challenge every great change and achievement has always had to endure.  Now you can see the results again of a woman that made up her mind to lose weight and she did it with the help of hypnosis. Weight loss Omaha center for hypnosis is an option you need to seriously consider if you are desiring to lose those extra pounds.

 She was made to realize that she owned her lifestyle and was the sole person who could make a difference.

At 52 years old, Dee Chan weighed roughly 518 pounds. Because it was difficult to find clothes in her size, she often created her own dresses from curtain fabric. She even had to research restaurants before going out, to make sure she could fit into their chairs.

“Life was miserable,” Dee told the Daily Mail. “I had to wear men’s shoes because my fat would just drape over the ankles of ladies footwear. I’ve always loved clothes and feeling feminine, so that was soul-destroying.”

Dee had tried weight-loss support groups and fad diets many times before, but nothing could break her tendency to overeat and diet full of ice cream and salty snacks. She even pursued gastric bypass surgery as an option, but was told by doctors that she might not survive because of her size. They agreed to perform a less-invasive gastric sleeve operation instead, but it didn’t change Dee’s ways—she continued to binge on junk food.

“The turning point came when a scratch on my leg became infected and it went straight to the bone,” she says. “It was chilling to be told that your weight is so out of control that it could be your your demise,” she says.

That’s when she turned to clinical hypnotherapist and motivational trainer Steve Miller, who introduced her to the idea of hypnosis. Through one-on-one sessions with Steve, Dee finally experienced the breakthrough she always wanted.

Through portion control training, motivational talks, and self esteem-building exercises, Dee found success with Steve’s program. Three years later, Dee is down nearly 280 pounds and says she’s on target to lose another 70 to get to her end goal of 168 pounds. Not only is she thrilled with the results, but she now has a much healthier outlook about her body and food. 

“Friends tell me how much younger I look and the difference in my face makes me almost unrecognizable,” Dee says. 

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