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Hypnosis is such a little known help for many maladies.  Like helping a lady get pregnant after many miscarriages. The hypnosis helped reduce her stress which was causing her these problems is what she feels.

Your mental frame of mind whether formed from just bad habits or some negative experience will more than often cause you to inhibit the proper function of your body. The mind is a powerful instrument and we do not give it’s complexity and affects on our life enough acknowledgement.  Jeff and Devan Martin of Omaha Hypnosis Center have helped many 100s of people over come barriers in their lives just by doing a few hypnosis sessions. But the time it takes all depends on the individuals willingness and openness to allow the hypnotist to help them get free from these bad habits and thought processes that are inhibiting them from achieving your goals.

Here is what one woman experienced as a result of hypnosis help to get pregnant.  Each session will deal with stress that ended up allowing to conceive and become pregnant.

Woman Who Miraculously Gave Birth After Five Miscarriages Claims Hypnosis Helped

“I hope other couples struggling to conceive read our story and realize there is always hope and other options available.”

Leah Elliott, 40, and her fiancé, James Born, 34, had been trying to conceive a child for four years with no success.

After enduring the pain of going through five miscarriages and feeling like they would never have their own child, Leah decided that it was time to start saving up their money for IVF. But one day, Leah happened to stumble across a magazine article about hypnotherapy that changed everything.

“I was at fertility show last year when I came across Fertilty Road magazine,” Leah explained. “In it, hypnotist Russell Davis was saying how he can help women overcome fertility problems in their mind.”

Leah, who connected with Russell during Skype hypnosis sessions, also listened to personalized CDs he had made her before bedtime. Leah claims that his lessons helped rid her of her fears and anxieties, which allowed her body to conceive.


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