Lisa Reveals How Hypnosis Helped Her to Lose 50 Pounds

WOW!  I lost 50 pounds of painful fat with hypnosis Lisa is a client of ours at Lincoln Hypnosis and we are so proud of her success with weight loss and grateful for her testimony for us to share with you.Hypnosis Testimonies



My name is Lisa I live in Tecumseh Nebraska. I live with my husband,I lost 50 pounds of ugly fat 16 inches am down four sizes.first heard the ad on the radio,  I saw the advertisement and called Lincoln hypnosis for a free hypnosis screening. I was scared but then at the free screening I started talking with Jeff the hypnotist he explained how the program works.  My worries and fears just went away. I wasn’t really a person that l had a lot of self-esteem. The hypnotist made me feel very comfortable right from the beginning.


MY choice I wasn’t happy, just look at my before picture and you get some idea of the suffering, I felt sorry for myself maybe you are there to. If you’re overweight my hope is to inspire you to get the help that you need, look at me now. It really is possible to lose weight and be more confident, hassle free.


BURDEN with fat I was overweight most my life, hypnosis ended my struggle with weight, I have tried other programs and failed, dieting, diet pills. Hypnosis really works.


Health Benefits My doctor is pleased  with my results,I look and feel healthier My cholesterol is down my blood pressure is down I feel great. I am comfortable as I take the weight off. I have bought a new wardrobe which was fantastic. I feel great my confidences is way better and my self-esteem is back. I love the way that I look. Hypnosis helped me stop cravings and end old binging eating behavior, I eat less and enjoy it more I love to walk and ride my bike. I’m exercising more and love it and don’t buy that snacking stuff and eat much healthier now, this was the best and the very smartest and wisest investment ever. I recommend Lincoln Hypnosis to anyone who wants to lose weight.


Better life I saw results right away. First I was more calm and in control of my eating choices, I started choosing activities that could really help me, I quit feeling sorry for myself. You could say the program simply adjust my attitude, motivation, my confidence and I feel great. I know I will never gain the weight back my family supports me now it’s a fantastic feeling my health is improved and confidence my self-esteem is back and I love the way I look and feel. During the course of my training I broke my leg, but that didn’t stop me. I love  their stay with it guarantee, it helped me stayed the course and I even ran a 5K in Lincoln’s color run that’s a first. I like the positive approach that supports my decision and helps me get the results I know I deserve.

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