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I am down 16 inches & 50 lbs I have dropped 6 sizes!! Lincoln and Omaha Hypnosis Centers have helped me tremendously… Lisa Schmidt


Before I came here I felt out of control regarding food.  Now I feel I am in control of my actions and I can change my feeling towards food.  I no longer well eat because of stress, sadness, being bored, etc..  Drinking water, walking, going outside will be the ways I deal with my emotions, not food.

*individual results may vary

Deb L.  April 15, 2013      Lincoln, NE

Weight Loss Reviews

I was overweight most my life, hypnosis ended my struggle with weight, I have tried other programs and a failed, dieting,, diet pills. Hypnosis really works.

My cholesterol is down my blood pressure is down I feel great.I am comfortable as I take the weight off. I have bought a new wardrobe which was fantastic, I feel great my confidences is way better and my self-esteem is back.I love the way that I look.Hypnosis helped me stop cravings and end old benging eating behavior, I eat less and enjoy it more I love to walk a ride my bike I’m exercising more and love it and don’t buy that snacking stuff and eat much healthy now, this was the best and the very smartest and wisest investment ever. I recommend Lincoln if hypnosis to anyone who wants to lose weight. My doctor is pleased with my results,I look and feel healthier.

*individual results may vary

Lisa Omaha NE

When I came to Lincoln Hypnosis Center, I felt hopeless and unable to control my weight.  Over the past weeks, I have noticed my clothes are fitting better.  I am eating the right foods.  I am drinking more water and routinely exercising.  I am also sleeping better and feel more rested!  *individual results may vary

Charlene R. April, 11, 2013  Eagle, NE

I have lost 14 ½ inches and 37lbs.  I have dropped 4 sizes!!  Lincoln Hypnosis has helped me tremendously.  Exercise and eating healthy is part of my daily routine.  THANKS Lincoln Hypnosis!!

*individual results may vary

Lisa Schmidt  April 15, 2013  Tecumseh, NE

I was self-conscious and intimated when I came to Lincoln Hypnosis for the first time.  Since I have been coming to see Jeff I feel more confident and people around me have noticed a change in me.  I am enjoying the benefits that Jeff and hypnosis have been giving me.

*individual results may vary

Ruth Potter  April 16, 2013  Seward, NE

“After nearly 40 years, I’m now smoke-free! I did not believe I would ever be, but with the help of hypnosis I’ve been able to overcome this “monster” that has been haunting me. I highly recommend this program to anyone that does not believe they can be smoke-free.” Tish K, Lincoln. NE *individual results may vary



“I came in pretty skeptical but even after the first session was able to stay smoke free. It then became even more easy after second session. There are cravings but are able to deal with than and don’t last very long. I am smoke free!” Gerald W, *individual results may vary



“The program is wonderful and easy. It feels great to finally be smoke-free!” Barbara B,  Lincoln, NE *individual results may vary

“Thanks to Lincoln Hypnosis I am smoke free. I feel so much better about myself and can breathe much easier.” Teresa Robinson, Blue Springs, NE  *individual results may vary

“I am smoke free after coming to Lincoln Hypnosis. I feel better and can breath better.” Brad R, Blue Springs NE *individual results may vary

“After 30 years of smoking I was skeptical this would work. But I am proud to saw I have been smoke free since the 1stsession. My life is forever changed and improved!” Kelly C,  Lincoln, NE *individual results may vary

“I have smoked since I was 15 years old. Now 62, I am smoke free through hypnosis. I can’t believe how easy it was- pain free.” James Kern,  Lincoln NE *individual results may vary

Stop Smoking Testimonials

“After 3 sessions with Jeff, I have learned to control my cravings for cigarettes and look forward to a long smoke-free life. I would recommend this process for anyone that wishes to give up smoking for good!” Jamie , Lincoln NE  *individual results may vary

“It is so good to be smoke-free. Jeff has been very good. I would recommend him any time.” Robert Crisler, Lincoln NE  *individual results may vary

“I have tried everything to stop smoking and this has been by far the best and fastest thing I have done. I am smoke-free!” Andrew H, 5-10-12, Beatrice, NE   *individual results may vary

“I smoked for over 13 years and after one session have been completely smoke free. All of my cravings are gone and feel like it’s only going to get easier with the new tools I have. Thanks!” Hannah A, *individual results may vary

“Smoked for 40 years- Tried to stop with everything out there, patches, gum, pills—NOTHING! Jeff got me stopped in 3 sessions! Feel great and excited about the future.” James S. Lincoln NE. August 3 *individual results may vary

“Jeff was kind and supportive, wonderful to work with. I am finally SMOKE-FREE! Lincoln Hypnosis made it easy.” Kenna B. Lincoln NE. *individual results may vary

“Dropping a bad habit like smoking was easier than getting off the couch. Even with max stress from home and work, one session was all it took.” Ken H ,  Lincoln NE *individual results may vary

“I quit smoking with the help of hypnosis and Jeff Martin after 40 years of smoking.” Richard N,  Lincoln NE  *individual results may vary

“I am smoke free at Lincoln Hypnosis. It was easier than I ever thought!” Amy C,  Lincoln NE *individual results may vary

“I am chewing tobacco and nicotine free. 32 years and finally done.” Kent D,  Lincoln NE
*individual results may vary

“After my first session, I was smoke free. I feel great. After 50 years of smoking, I am free!” Judy J,  Fremont, NE  *individual results may vary


“I am so excited to be smoke free! After the first session, I was smoke free! I feel better- more positive and all around plan to enjoy life more! I do recommend this to anyone that wants to quit. It’s quick, easy and worth every cent!!” Kate M, Schuyler NE  *individual results may vary

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