Quitting smoking isn’t easy, because of the physiological addiction that individuals need to overcome; there are many deeper mental aspects to this problem. People Stop Smoking with Hypnosisuse smoking for all sorts of things, from calming their nerves to meeting new people, so it can be difficult imagining a life without them.

Your smoking has become a daily ritual, so it is just an automatic response that arises whenever you drink a cup of coffee or get into a car. To stop this problem in it’s tracks, a more comprehensive solution needs to be found.

At Lincoln Hypnosis we have helped 1000’s of people quit smoking and are now living a very happy satisfying life without cigarettes.  They are saving money, improving their health, smell fresher and enjoying life more. You should make stop smoking with hypnosis your next goal.

What To Expect with the Free Screening Program Stop Smoking Hypnosis

When you come in for the first time it will be your Free Screening. We start out by asking you a range of questions about your medical background, before moving onto the reasons that brought you into their office. This is, among other things, to determine your motivations for quitting, as well as whether you are truly interested in putting a stop to the habit, because this is very important. Then we will take the time to tell you how hypnosis works so that you feel more comfortable undergoing this process.

A Typical Stop Smoking Hypnosis Session

A typical session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, and it is during this period that the we will guide you into a deep and relaxed state of awareness. While people feel relaxed, both physically and mentally, during this time, they will actually be hyper-aware, which means your awareness will be increased so that the subconscious can be accessed. We use this state to discover the inner strengths of their person, as well as provide them with new perspectives. It is also during this time that most people will be able to confront their fears about smoking, which usually increases their motivation to quit.

Ultimately, one of the main goals of these sessions is to increase a person’s overall feelings of well-being and staying calm, so that they can face issues head on. When it comes to smoking, this can come in handy, because it can be utilized in those situations where a person might be tempted to smoke, and lower their anxiety levels in these instances.

Several Sessions are usually Required in our Stop Smoking Hypnosis Program

Most people begin experiencing the effects of hypnosis after about four sessions with their hypnotists, although the sessions will continue to ensure that the messages received really sink into the subconscious.

Stop smoking hypnosis in OmahaThe Benefits of Hypnosis

Hypnosis can be used alone, or in conjunction with another treatment to tackle issues such as smoking. Research has found that this form of treatment has been much more successful in producing results when compared to other smoking replacement therapies, such as gum or nicotine patches. What is more, because no medications are administered, individuals rely simply on behavioral and cognitive therapies to alter their habits.

Hypnosis is commonly being used to help you in quitting smoking because it has long lasting results and ensures that the entire process is a much more enjoyable one. For many people, quitting smoking is a very challenging task that often results in failure. Each failure lowers a person’s self-esteem, which makes it even more difficult for them to quit the next time. With hypnosis, you don’t have to worry about your anxiety levels spiraling out of control, and it even helps you deal with the physical cravings you might experience along the way.

The many benefits of hypnosis make it a prime option for people who are considering quitting smoking, whether they have attempted to quit in the past and failed, or are looking to do so for the first time.

Can in for a Free Screening and see how this will not only be helpful in quitting but fun and enjoyable.

Free No Obligation Hypnosis Screening

We offer a friendly, free, sit down chat with you and a Master Hypnotist. Your problem will be discussed. Your hypnotic capacity evaluated. If we determine if hypnosis can assist you in getting  stop smoking results, then we recommend a program that matches your needs. If it’s determined hypnosis will not benefit you, we tell you so and make the appropriate referral.


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