Hypnosis Stress Management: Does it Really Work?

The use of hypnosis for stress relief is highly misunderstood and it is surrounded by myths and mystery. But the truth of the matter is, much of the negative connotations are highly underserved. It has been used in many areas not only for anxiousness but also for sports enhancement, stress relief and reduction and quitting a bad habit. You might have heard of a person who effectively kicked smoking out of his life through hypnosis.

Stress Management with HypnosisSo what is it exactly? Hypnosis is the communication between one or more participants and the hypnotist wherein the individual follows their instructions.  The participant is not by any definition unconscious, nor unable to control his or her body, but in a very relaxed and comfortable state to have a sensible communication with the hypnotist. It is impossible to hypnotize somebody against their will. The reason a client is called a participant is that he willingly participates in the session. In fact, any normal person can easily enter into a hypnotic state because this is a very naturally occurring phenomenon.


Testimonials are only the experience of the client in the testimonial and results are not typical, individual results may vary.

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What are your alternatives for help with stress?

Trying to deal with stress without hypnosis will only provide temporary relief in small ways, by reading self-help books and listening to CDs. In order to get relief from these feelings carried out in the state of hypnosis that is effective in dealing with anxiousness and stress. The mind can be tuned to positively receive suggestions while it retains understanding and control of itself. A patient, therefore, can be helped by changing the way he thinks. There are two main categories of hypnosis for being stressed out:

The Use of Suggestion to help with Stress Management

A more gentle form of hypnotism, suggestion hypnosis is characterized by a smooth and relaxing approach to sessions. The patient is made to feel relaxed and calm during the session while the hypnotist use carefully uttered instructions to elicit positive change. Suggestion sessions are effective in overcoming bad habits like smoking, nail biting and other things that do not have any deeply rooted underlying cause. When there is an underlying cause of the problem, an analytical session is the better approach.


With continued sessions, we can help you find the reason behind the crack and provide help for the very foundation of your stress. Sessions are needed when one is dealing with your feelings of being afraid when you are in a certain situation, fear attacks, feeling depressed or low, just struggling to have a good attitude because in most cases, these problems have underlying and deep-seated causes and can be helped with the aid of hypnosis.  De-stress video here

Since it is dealing with more severe problems, a number of sessions are necessary to effect lasting change. This is also dependent on the response of the patient to the hypnotism. It is often difficult to treat severe problems with a single session and that’s why hypnotist would usually suggest a minimum of three sessions and take it from there.

Are you stress and burned out with workHow to Find Help for your Stress

Whether you want hypnosis for stress relief or for anxiousness, the real issue is how to find the right one that you can trust. Hypnotism for anxiousness will only be successful if you can trust your hypnotist. It is therefore important that you find one that has a proven track record of successfully treating people. In many areas, no license is necessary to operate, thus giving opportunities for quacks to fool unsuspecting individuals. There is the National Guild of Hypnotist that help people under stress and feeling anxious feelings to find treatment. You can join any of these organizations and get to find recommendations. They can help you find a good hypnotist and even direct you to join a support group.  The best way to find a trusted hypnotist is through word-of-mouth recommendations, so if you can ask a friend or a relative who has been treated successfully with hypnosis, then take their word for it.  Testimonies on a video are another great way to see results from a successful.


The feeling of being stressed and anxious can be helped

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