Stress Management and HypnosisOmaha Hypnosis Center revealed their confirmation of hypnosis’ ability the relieve stress. In a case study on Brain Scans Reveal Hypnosis Hypnosis Positive Effects. This case study was taken place at the University of Hull in Great Britain states that the study;

” …shows a … brain displays visible changes while under hypnosis.

Hypnosis has been around for a long time and used by professionals to help people reduce stress or pain, eliminate phobias, quit smoking, lose weight, and for just general relaxation. It’s also used as entertainment.

We’ve all seen the classic routine of volunteers in a trance running around on stage clucking like chickens. Or where somebody suddenly jumps up to dance like Pee Wee Herman when the song “Tequila” starts playing. Or where some poor fool thinks he or she is suddenly buck-naked on stage when the hypnotist utters a “trigger” word or phrase such as “monkey wrench” read the report here

Hypnosis Case Study of Stress Management find effects are very beneficial for many areas of one’s life

The case study also made it clear that there are measurable results that bring stress relief and help direct thoughts away from the negative to a more positive outlook.

Omaha Hypnosis Center owner Jeff Martin CH says there are many people looking for insights and answers about Brain Scans Reveal Hypnosis Hypnosis Positive Effects. This case study reveals in a practical way what’s possible with the right information and guidance.

The mind of each man is actually the man himself. Our mind is like a garden and our thoughts are the seeds. We can either harvest flowers or weeds. Good thoughts give us blooming happiness like flowers. Negative thoughts can yield stress and tension like the unwanted weeds, which destroys both the garden and the plants. … Stress alters ones mind and body and makes him or her feel like a different person.   Dave Wong Hong Meng Title: HYPNOSIS IN STRESS MANAGEMENT Atlantic International Univ.

At Omaha Hypnosis Center we have helped many people find relief from stress and get over those symptoms that lead to depression.  Don’t let your life take that downward spiral of stress and depression allow us to help you turn your thoughts in the right direction and recover your natural optimistic point of view.

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