Stress Management and relief are considered a luxury by many people.Stress Management with Hypnosis

This is simply NOT TRUE!

We require relaxation to function well, maintain health and retain flexibility, both mentally and physically.  This makes your need for being able to manage your stress all that more important and hypnosis can play an important role in helping you gain control over the feelings of stress in many situations.

How and Why does Stress Affect Us?

When we begin to feel the tension and becoming anxious this reduces the circulation of blood, which impairs the physical healing process, tension also causes a restriction in the flow of energy on all levels of our being.  As a result, the body begins to stop the natural flow of healing and nurturing adrenals in the blood.

Whatever your beliefs concerning the different levels of our being, it is clear that any restriction affects the flow of energy and vital nutrients that we need.

Identifying the How Stress Management Hypnosis Can Help

What is Relaxation?

This is something that releases restrictions to all levels.

It is our first step in the healing process.

While tension may affect us on many different levels and in differing degrees, we experience two basic types of tension.

These are categorized as;

Physical exertion and mental concentration are short-term, goal-oriented applications of our potentials.

These tensions may be habitual responses or reactions to our situation, engaging the fight or flight feelings.

What triggers Tension?

Fear of survival or the anticipation of negative consequences.

Is Relaxation optional?

We have been blessed with an instinct for survival called Fight or Flight.

This instinct has aided us to survive but as stress works on us this begins to erode the natural built-in mechanism and we become more emotionally weak and less able to handle stress.  This is where hypnosis can help and get you back to thinking correctly and re-establishing that balance in attitude about the situations you find yourself in.

In our lives, we analyze and react to every event we encounter. Our ability to do this varies with each person and changes in mood, experience, etc.  But the process of hypnosis is to help you find those abilities you innately have to become more in control of your reaction to adverse situations.  You will find the ability to manage your stress and your life circumstances will not trigger that feeling of anxiety and stress.

When we choose to relax, we must feel safe within the environment and confident in our abilities.  That element of confidence can be  one of the most important factors in helping you resist those feeling or simply eliminate the feelings of stress.  This is another place where hypnotherapy can really make a difference and help you grow in confidence.

You will allow yourselves to relax to the degree appropriate to the situation, as this immediately confirms our abilities cope with the situation in a rational manner.

Situations that can be helpful with the proper hypnosis stress management techniques

While driving, we relax physically, allowing our minds to focus on the task of driving, fully alert and able to respond quickly and correctly to any situation.

While waiting in line at the store we can deal with impatience by using the time for relaxation and allowing ourselves enhanced energy for life.

When we release energy restrictions at any level, we regain the use of that energy to focus on our goals and we gain a certain peace.

Stress management with hypnosis will change the way you handle life’s challenges. Know that there is help and relief from your stress and anxiety here.

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