Weight Loss and the Subconscious Mind

It’s interesting to consider our relationship with food and how we often eat for comfort or through habit, even when we aren’t really hungry at all.  One of the neurotransmitters produced by the brain when we eat is called Dopamine.  This gives us a boost of good feelings and is nature’s way of ensuring that we survive.  This sets up an internal reward system which we end up battling against when we try to resist the food that we long to eat. This is where our program hypnosis for weight loss comes in to help you balance those feelings and regain control


Most people who want to manage their weight will be all too aware of this battle and the internal dialogue they continually face.


There will be times when they feel strong and motivated, perhaps waking up with the thought that today will be the day that they eat healthily, stay within their target calorie range and perhaps plan exercises to burn calories too.


So, we might wonder how that strong mindset can change so quickly?  Within a matter of minutes or hours, that very same person finds themselves eating all the wrong things and giving up on the day as a total write-off.

A very effective way of helping to regain self-control and weight loss is through hypnotherapy.  By the use of positive suggestions, new behaviors can be encouraged which will go on to form the basis of healthy new habits.  These new habits then become installed as lifestyle changes.


When we look at what’s happening in the brain when we crave food we can understand there is the positive, solution-focused part of the brain, which we are using when we are feeling motivated and determined.  But there is also another part of the brain where all our eating templates are stored.  This part of the brain can easily take over control when we are feeling stressed, bored, anxious, depressed, or otherwise emotionally aroused.  We then eat as if on automatic pilot, no longer consciously in control but instead allowing our eating to take over from rational thinking.


During a hypnotherapy session, we can explore our client’s relationship with food, enabling us to formulate an individualized treatment plan.  It may be that certain situations act as a trigger for emotional eating and these can be examined and used as part of the therapeutic process.


By using the power of the mind and creative visualization skills, the client will be able to rehearse being in control of food.  The emphasis on feeling empowered, resourceful and in control ensures that the client focuses on the necessary inner strengths that will enable them to leave dieting behind and start really enjoying a healthy lifestyle.


Hypnosis can help us to feel more confident about ourselves and our body image so that we can get away from the constant see-sawing that often accompanies dieting.  Through hypnosis, we are guided and supported and can build the bridge towards our preferred future.  The hypnotherapist directs communication towards the subconscious mind so that the inner negative voice is quietened down and we can become fully focused on the true outcome that we desire without caving into temptation.

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