Test Anxiety is Helped with Hypnosis

Test Anxiety is Helped with Hypnosis a Cure for Test Taking Jitters


test anxiety hypnosisThe decision to turn a life-long interest into a career in massage therapy seemed only natural to Bob. Bog had always worked well with his hands, and all his friends said that he gave the best back rubs around. Yet, once in massage therapy school, Bob’s dream became a nightmare. As his courses progressed, Bob found that a large amount of memorization required to pass the test was becoming more and more challenging for him. He saw his dream slipping away as he fought harder to master the material while his grades, nonetheless, were increasingly dropping. He knew he had to do something fast. He was not handling his stress well.

Bob’s friend, also a massage therapist, shared an office with a hypnotherapist. He suggested that Bob try hypnosis for test taking anxiety. Bob agreed to give it a try.

Bob didn’t know what to expect during his first visit to the hypnotherapist but he quickly put him at ease and explained the process of hypnotic suggestion. She answered all his questions and put to rest any concerns that he had about “losing control.” She told him that he would, in fact, be in control of the process at all times. She explained that she would simply help him to obtain a state of deep relaxation from which he could arouse himself at any time if necessary. While in this altered state of awareness Bob’s innermost (subconscious) mind would be more available to listen to and accept any suggestions or ideas that he perceived to be useful or helpful. His mind would automatically reject any suggestions that went against his own values and beliefs.

Hypnosis Produces a Relaxed State to Relieve Test Anxiety

Relaxing in a recliner, Bob quickly entered a state of light hypnosis while listening to the soothing voice of the hypnotherapist instructing him to release tension from every part of his body, bit by bit. After a few more minutes of deep relaxation, Bob was ready to receive the mental suggestions that he hoped would end his problems with memorization and test anxiety.

Hypnosis for test anxiety to help cure the stressThe hypnotherapist had Bob mentally visualize himself in this study are, picturing his desk, books, papers and even any beverages he would normally have on hand to drink. Once fully “there” in the scene, the hypnotherapist had Bob re-experience his study habits, suggesting that his mind would be relaxed and receptive, and he would remember fully and easily the information that he read or studied.

As Bob re-experienced each phase of his study routine –  reading over notes, repeating information out loud, even taking rest breaks – the hypnotherapist repeatedly stressed that he was fully retaining all the information easily about the material that he has studying was put to him, either verbally or on a test, his mind would immediately bring the information up to a conscious level, making it instantly available for full recall. He was instructed to envision himself in class, taking a test. He was told to see himself relaxed, confident, and feeling great. He was to see himself confidently answering the test questions while visualizing this study period when he had full and easy recall of the test material. He was reminded to remain relaxed, confident and assured of his success. After fully visualizing himself confidently taking the test, Bob was instructed to see himself later receiving notice of his test results. He was instructed to feel the excitement and sense of self-esteem that came from scoring well on the test. He was even told to visualize the positive comments of his teacher and the slaps of congratulations from his friends.

Once Bob had fully visualized his success, he was more certain about his chance to make his vision a reality. With a few follow-up visits and a tape from home reinforcement, Bob soon made his new vision a reality.

Bob’s dream really did come true after all. He graduated at the top of his massage therapy class, thanks to a little help (and some good advice about trying hypnosis) from his friends.

If you or someone you know suffers from test-taking anxiety or trouble with studying and memorization, hypnosis might be the answer for you, too.

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