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A recent article in Women’s Edition Magazine highlights Jeff and Devan Martin’s success in working with people to help them lose weight after struggling for years trying different diet methods only end up in failure.

Women Edition Magazine article on Losing Weight with Hypnosis

Many of Jeff Martin’s clients had tried anything and everything to change their eating or smoking habits or to cope with stress and anxiety… with only limited success. Until, that is, they found the Lincoln and Omaha Hypnosis Center. As Jeff emphasizes, “results happen here.” His waiting rooms are lined with black binders that include hundreds of handwritten testimonials to back him up.


Steve Crowther, of Lincoln, lost 25 pounds and two pants sizes in 4 months. “Hypnosis has given me the tools to work with to lose the weight and keep it off,” he writes in his endorsement of Lincoln Hypnosis Center. Omaha client William line smoked a pack of cigarettes a day and was tired of it, he writes. He has been smoke-free since his first session at Omaha Hypnosis Center. John Burton had just as much success in Lincoln. “It was incredibly easy and even fun to quit smoking with Lincoln Hypnosis,” he shares.


Hypnosis helps clients step into their imagination, Jeff explains. “I think of it as a journey of fun and excitement. Hypnosis really is the gateway to change.” When a patient is hypnotized, she is suspended between sleep and consciousness in the alpha brain wave state. The patient’s body and mind relax, making her susceptible to hypnotic suggestion. “It gets patients out of their normal, habitual thinking, where everything stays the same,” adds Jeff’s wife, Devan, who is both a certified hypnotist and a certified life coach.


Devan and Jeff have been practicing hypnosis for about 20 years each. They are members of the Master Hypnotists Society, an invitation-only group that requires a combination of education, experience, certification, extensive training, and documented results. Master Hypnotists must have at least five years of practical experience and a minimum of 500 sessions performed. In addition, Jeff and Devan are national trainers through the National Guild of Hypnotists and operate a state-licensed school that trains hypnotists.


Jeff uses an iceberg illustration to explain how hypnosis works. “Hypnosis gets at what’s below the surface,” he says. “That’s what control us – our emotions and habits from the past. “Trough hypnosis, Jeff and Devan help patients tap new levels of self – control and personal discipline. They assist patients with their thought processes so patients don’t proceed with actions that are harmful to their health, like smoking and binge eating.


Jeff and Devan offer free evaluations to determine whether patients are good candidates for hypnosis. “We put a program together to fit their needs,” explains Jeff. Both Lincoln Hypnosis Center and Omaha Hypnosis Center offer a service guarantee that is the best in the business, Jeff adds.


Hypnosis doesn’t just help people get focused and motivated to achieve their health and wellness goals, it can also help them to speak with more confidence and combat stress. At Lincoln and Omaha Hypnosis Centers, patients can learn to do self-hypnosis at home so they can relieve their own stress at any time.


Hypnotic weight loss, which incorporates hypnosis, self-hypnosis, and a normal diet, gives the patient control over her decisions and actions; that’s one of the most important components of successful weight reduction. Hypnosis is used to help patients emotionally disconnect from specific behaviors and actions that contribute to their weight problems. It can also help neutralize cravings, binges, hunger, and frustration.


Devan shares that one of her patients had a habit of snacking before bed, even though she wasn’t hungry. During a session, she was able to tie that habit to memories of bedtime snacking with her dad, and then she was able to let go and stop. “It was like an epiphany for her”, Devan says. Another client of Devan’s smoked more than three packs of cigarettes a day and though she’d never be able to stop. “She was excited and successful,” Devan reports.


Beth Silverstrand, of Raymond, was thrilled with the results she had with Lincoln Hypnosis Center. She shares in her testimonial that she not only lost 21 pounds in 9 weeks but also gained confidence in making better food and life choices. Ken Czarnick, of Beatrice, says that the sessions helped to improve his attitude and general well-being, along with helping him lose weight. “I would recommend this to anyone who wished to get healthy for the long term,” he notes.


“We want people to know that they really can change!” Jeff concludes. “It’s easy to do, and we’ll work with them as long as they need help.”


For more information about Lincoln Hypnosis Center or Omaha Hypnosis Center and their life-changing hypnosis programs, visit or or call 402-465-0409 (Lincoln) or 402-502-9334 (Omaha). To view Jeff and Devan on Omaha’s Morning Blend or a clip from Jeff’s stage show, search YouTube (under Lincoln Hypnosis and Omaha Hypnisis).

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