We have all heard the necessity of drinking our 8 glasses of water a day.  That sounds like an enormous amount of water and the effects besides those listed here in this scientific study are, well, going to the bathroom a lot more frequently.

Waters Healthy Beneficial Effects on Losing Weight

To break down some of the jargon below.  In the US we are not as accustom to ML (milliliters) a European / medical measurement system as we are to ounces.  Therefore, 500 ml is equivalent to 17.25 ounces of water, ruffly 2 glasses.   Also there are 16 cups in one gallon or 128 ounces.   If you followed these guidelines on drinking water alone we have heard and it is demonstrated for our understanding below how this happens.

Why you lose weight by drinking water is not what you think

The positive effects of drinking water on weight loss

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